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Time to select your kit, load up and head out in this intense, cooperative SWAT oriented modification for Insurgency.

The Armory: SWAT is the newest theater and creation from the developer of all other The Armory modifications for Insurgency: 2014. Taking what I have learned over the years from developing theaters and with the unrivaled community support, this newest modification incorporates all of it into one package.

Focused on teamwork and the cooperative gameplay aspect, it brings a full unlocked armory of new weapons, upgrades, perks and squad roles into the game to pick from – Pre-planning your load out will be dependent upon each map chosen and will be crucial to the mission outcome.

How to Play

1 | Subscribe to the Steam Workshop modification

If you have not already, go ahead and subscribe to the The Armory: WWII modification on Steam Workshop.

2 | Select Either to Play Locally or on a Server

Pick a Play Option:

3 | Server (Multi-Player)

To play this modification on a server with other people or your buddies, feel free to join our server by clicking the banner below. We currently host a 8 player cooperative server located in New York with full player stat tracking.

Host a server for The Armory: WWII modification? Contact DeltaMike to have it listed here!

3 | Local (Single-Player)

If you want to check out the modification and see what has been added or just want to kill some bots by yourself, load up this modification locally with the directions below.

3.A | Load a Theater

Launch Insurgency and when in the main menu, open the games command console. To do this, push the tilde (~) key, to the left of the 1 key.

Note: You may have to turn on the ability to open console, to do this go to Settings > Game, then the top option "Console", enable it.

When the game console is open, enter one of the following commands by either typing or pasting it into console, and then click enter.

Standard - 8 Players

Note: The "Standard - 8 Players" theater is the only recommended theater to run locally for single-player play. Other theaters will have character roles with limited features (requires SourceMod.)

3.B | Load a Map (Only Supports Checkpoint Gamemode)

Open Console once again, if it is not already, and enter one of the map commands below to start playing against bots locally. You can also load up other custom maps found on Steam Workshop by subscribing to those and entering their respective name into the command.

Dry Canal

Optional Commands (Not Required)

Enter any of these commands (~) to alter settings you desire, this may require you to enter retry in console to initialize changes.

Supply Points

Upcoming Updates

Detailed Log of Upcoming Changes

Updates are attempted to be pushed on a weekly basis • Depending on volume of bug fixes and new content availability

Add - The next update will be focused on adding more pistols of all sorts, with more upgrades for them and preexisting ones.

Update Log

"SIG SAUER P320 Update" - March 7th, 2024

Added - Added a 9mm SIG SAUER P320 pistol featuring a red dot sight.
Added - Added a black finish upgrade for the Mk14 MOD 1 EBR, with both either featuring the Speed Reload or Operator Training attributes.
Added - Added the ablilty to equip 30 round extended magazines onto the Mk14 MOD 1 EBR.
Added - Added the ablilty to equip 35 round extended magazines onto the Honey Badger.
Added - Added the ability to equip another variant of suppressor onto the AUG A3, BR-10, and G3A3.

Updated - Updated HK417 D to a newer generation HK417, the HK417 A2. This updated weapon features new models and textures.
Updated - Updated Colt Python textures/shaders to have less of a glossy appearance.
Updated - Updated spelling of name for previously 'H&K USP Tactical' to 'HK USP Tactical.' This was done to match the the naming scheme of all other HK weapons.